[★VIDEO] Jiyeon’s hair gets pulled after fans flock T-ARA at Ho Chi Minh City’s aiport

T-ARA recently arrived at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to attend a scheduled fan meeting, and were flocked by fans at the airport upon their arrival when Jiyeon’s hair was caught being pulled on camera. 

The girl group arrived at the airport on January 9th, and were greeted by many fans awaiting their arrival. According to reports, approximately 2,000 fans were present at the airport. Due to the large amount of fans, T-ARA had a hard time making their way to their transportation, resulting in Jiyeon’s hair getting pulled after a fan reached out.

In the fan cam video that caught the incident, Jiyeon can be seen with her hand on her head, shocked at the incident, but continued to make her way towards the car awaiting her, security and her manager holding back fans to make a path for the girl group.

Source: TV Daily