[★VIDEO] JJ Lin performs with Yonghwa on “Music Bank”

JJ Lin, Singaporean singer based in Taiwan, stood on stage with CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa to perform on KBS Music Bank!

On January 20th, Yonghwa released his solo debut album, One Fine Day, and the music video of the title track of the same name.

Renowned singer-songwriter JJ Lin not only showed his support by being featured on one of the album’s tracks named “Checkmate,” he also flew to Seoul from overseas to perform the song on Music Bank on January 23rd! While JJ Lin sang his main lines in Mandarin, his voice matched well with Yonghwa’s as they harmonized with each other using English lyrics in the chorus.

Once “Checkmate” was released, the song topped six music charts at #1, including charts in Singapore, Taiwan’s KKBOX, and Japanese-Korean lists.

It has been reported that JJ Lin is the first Mando-Pop singer who had the honor to sing in Mandarin on a Korean music show, hence the singer himself was nervous as well. Debuted in 2003, JJ Lin admitted that he purposely woke up early that day to warm up his vocals, jokingly saying that he did that less than five times after twelve years in the singing industry. JJ Lin also made a call to Yonghwa the day before to discuss details on the performance, showing his dedication.

JJ Lin recalled his previous trip to South Korea, where he shared a scrumptious meal with the whole band of CNBLUE. While CNBLUE took out time to have Korean barbeque with JJ Lin, the Mando-Pop singer also presented Taiwan’s trademark pineapple tarts and Kaoliang wine as gifts.

Yonghwa is also expected to perform in Taiwan for his first solo Asia tour on June 20th, where there might be a possibility of a reunion between the two vocalists.

Other than JJ Lin, three other featuring artists for Yonghwa’s solo debut album One Fine Day include Verbal Jint, Yoon Do Hyun, and YDG (Yang Dong Geun).

Besides collaborating with famous Korean artists for his solo debut, Yonghwa has also successfully gone international. He had several opportunities to meet with renowned artists including American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, and work with American producer Peter Malick for his solo track “27 Years.”

Check out Yonghwa’s performance of “Checkmate” with JJ Lin and “One Fine Day” on Music Bank!


Source: chinatimes