[★VIDEO] JJCC announces the launch of their official homepage

On January 23rd, JJCC shared their excitement as they released a short clip on their official YouTube channel, announcing that they have now launched their official homepage website.

In their official homepage greeting video, as the members said their greetings, vocalist Eddy said, “Please visit our website because you can see never before footage and special bonus clips of us, so please visit us, look after us and love us please.

Prior to launching their official homepage, the rookie group released the music video for “Fire” on January 14th.”Fire” is an upbeat and powerful song where as the music video shows the five member group’s choreography as well as their charming personalities.

Meanwhile, JJCC is known for debuting under the well known actor, Jackie Chan with the music video for “At First” in March 2014. Since their debut, they have released their 1st mini album as well as a music video for the track, “Bing Bing Bing.”

Fans can visit their official homepage at www.jjcckey.com