[★VIDEO] JJCC releases dance tutorial of “Fire”

JJCC revealed a dance tutorial of their comeback song “Fire” on January 16th. The track”Fire” is a powerful upbeat track accompanied by energetic choreography that makes you want to get up and dance. In order to help you do that, JJCC prepared this dance tutorial.

The dance has three main steps and members introduce each step with adorable skits. One or two members then go on to illustrate the dance step by step and in the end all three steps are put together. The first step is called “My heart is on fire ‘Hot Friday Night’ dance.” The second step is the “I’m the best here ‘Shall We Get Started’ dance” and the third and final step is the “Don’t stop me dance.”

Watch the boys of JJCC teach you these three hot moves and then put them together at the end: