JJCC reveals selca video messages featuring Simba and E.Co

Keeping the excitement of their fans at bay, JJCC personally updates them with new of their comeback through their comeback self-camera video messages. 

On January 8th, JJCC shared factual tidbits of their personal lives through their self camera videos as they continue to introduce themselves to their fans. Member Simba started the introductions as he shared his usual hobbies, further showcasing his DJing skills as he shared previews of his own work.

Meanwhile, E.Co shared his own passion for fashion as he displayed his interest on personalising items for his own use. Specifically, he has shown fans how to customise a snapback cap with the use of a variety of accessories, showcasing his own style through his designs.

Furthermore, he has personally signed the item for a special fan to wear through their upcoming giveaway.

JJCC recently announced their comeback with the release of their new song “Set On Fire” as they unveiled their official album cover and teaser images.