JOAYO’s Park Sae Hwan Releases “My Heart” MV

Koreaboo’s own  Park Sae Hwan from JOAYO has released his music video titled “My Heart” on November 21st.

Coming out with his latest solo single, Park Sae Hwan delivers another wonderfully artistic video for his followers.

The video starts out with a girl holding her hands on her ears crouched down on a stone wall, as a heartfelt piano melody playing opens the song. The video then shows a girl writing in chalk on a stone wall with her ear bleeding.

The story unfolds as the girl and Park Sae Hwan respond to each other’s messages on the stone wall, saying cryptic phrases like “I’m trapped here.” It’s expressed that the girl isn’t able to hear sounds, and she feels trapped for being unable to hear.

Park Sae Hwan is seen sitting down with the girl in front of the stone wall, striking a metal chopstick against a glass of water in an attempt to help the girl hear. As the two bond together, the girl begins to slowly disappear. This song ends up becoming about learning to let love go in a bittersweet way

Park Sae Hwan initially attracted his fans through his first single “Writing Diary” for captivating audiences for the completely student shot production.

Although a relatively new group to the scene, JOAYO has attracted a small fanbase due to the raw nature of the storytelling in their videos and songs.

Fans are able to keep up to date with the latest happenings of the group and their company Malhalda Entertainment on their official YouTube channel.

What do you think of Park Sae Hwan’s latest single?