Jonghyun completes #hashtag interview for 1theK

On January 13th, 1theK released Jonghyun’s #hashtag interview, following the release of Jonghyun’s first solo album, BASE, on January 12th.

Jonghyun began his hashtag interview by singing a little of one of his title tracks, “Déjà-Boo.” His first hashtag was “#BASE,” which is the title of his solo mini album. Jonghyun then tells about how the album became named that and the meaning behind it. Although he revealed that his was initially nervous about the pre-release of “Déjà-Boo,” he expressed his gratitude that the track reached first place on the charts.

His second hashtag was “#Déjà-Boo&Crazy,” which are the two title tracks to his solo album. He explained that “Déjà-Boo” is the same musical style that he would like to continue to pursue in the future, and he composed and wrote the words of the track himself. “Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)” is a different type of song from what people might expect, but he asserts that he put a lot of thought into the lyrics. He explained that “Crazy” stems from when people say something is “so good it’s crazy.” He also revealed that right now he is “Crazy” about collecting candles because of their different scents.

Jonghyun then answered questions from his fans, before revealing his third hashtag, “#collaboration.” He chose “collaboration” because four of the album’s eight tracks are collaborations. He collaborated with IRON and Zion.T for his title tracks, as well as Wheesung and Younha for other tracks on the album.

When asked who he would like to collaborate with in the future, Jonghyun revealed that he hopes that IU will write a song for him and feature in it. This was because Jonghyun wrote “A Gloomy Clock” and featured on it for her in the past.

His fourth and final hashtag was #Jjong-D, due to his MC position on the MBC radio show, “Blue Night with Jonghyun.” He expressed his thoughts about radio and how he chose his ending phrase, “Come hang out tomorrow.”

Above is only a small summary, so make sure you check out Jonghyun’s full #hashtag interview from 1theK below!

Source: 1theK’s Official YouTube Channel