Joo Won sings “Innocente” for “Tomorrow Cantabile” OST

On December 2nd, Joo Won released the music video for “Innocente,” a track from the OST of KBS drama Tomorrow Cantabile.

The track expresses the gentle love story between Joo Won’s character, Cha Yu Jin, and Seol Naeil (played by Shim Eun Kyung). With the title “Innocente” coming from a musical term that instructs musicians to play “purely” and “playfully,” the subtleties and techniques that Joo Won uses when singing this love ballad matches precisely. The mellow guitar accompaniment along with the colorful string bass rhythm allow the softness and care of Joo Won’s storytelling vocals to shine.

The video for “Innocente” varies between cuts of Joo Won singing passionately in the recording studio to adorable cuts from the drama itself. The couple’s interactions show that while Cha Yu Jin appeared indifferent and cold at first, Seol Naeil’s playful and lovable personality melted his icy heart.

The drama Tomorrow Cantabile started airing on October 13th and closed with its final episode on December 2nd.

Check out the music video here: