Joo Won states he feels bad that Sulli “ruined her image” for her role in “Fashion King”

With the upcoming movie Fashion King set to hit box offices on November 6th, actor Joo Won revealed his sadness regarding Sulli‘s image being ruined for her role in the film. At a pre-screening event for Fashion King, held on November 4th at a theater in Jongno District, Seoul, Joo Won revealed, “My heart aches because [Sulli] wrecked and ruined herself [for her role] in the movie.

Sulli worked hard to look ugly by wearing glasses, messily tangling her hair, and just working while wearing heavy make-up and costumes for long periods of time.” Joo Won continued jokingly, “When I saw her make-up and outfits, it really made me think of ‘chuno’ (also known as a slave chaser or hunter during ancient times of Korea) and she actually became quite ugly. (laughs) I even took a picture of her on my phone.

However, when he was asked of his opinion on Sulli’s acting, Joo Won replied, “Sulli is a friend who was always great from the start. She did a job well done for this movie as well.

Fashion King is a highly anticipated film based on a popular South Korean web toon that narrates a story about high school teenagers who discover their love for fashion, which soon transforms their styles and personalities into a very fashionable and lavish lifestyle.

Source: OSEN