Jubilee Projects’ newest video, “Blind Devotion,” will move you to tears

The men behind Jubilee Project uploaded a new short film recently following the story of one man’s endless and undying love for his wife.

Eddie Lee, Jason Y. Lee, and Eric Lu are the founders of Jubilee Project which aims to inspire change and action by short films, PSAs and documentaries. Their latest films, “Blind Devotion,” is the second film of a two film series in conjuction with the book “You and Me Forever.” The book is written by Pastor Francis Chan and is about marriage in the light of eternity, and 100% of the proceeds from the book sales go towards projects in Africa that fight poverty.

“Blind Devotion” tells the story of a wife and husband who love each other so much that it can be seen through their actions. The wife wakes up every morning, scares her husband, cooks him breakfast, and makes sure his clothes are all washed and clean. Unfortunately, she soon learns that she is losing her sight and going blind and struggles with how she is going to continue to love and dote on her husband.

The beauty of the story is seen towards the end as the husband silently looks over his wife and lets her dote on him as before, but this time he helps her without her knowing.

Check out the moving video below and you can purchase the book at Causera.