JuNCurryAhn performs amazing violin cover of “Are You a Grown Up” by Lim Kim for ChildFund Korea

YouTuber JuNCurryAhn has teamed up with ChildFund Korea to release the violin cover of “Are You a Grown Up” by Lim Kim on March 18th.

His latest cover captured the concept of the newly released song, while his music video slowly unveils scenes that symbolizes growing up. Throughout the music video, JuNCurryAhn revealed footages from previous violin covers as well as home videos. The overall concept of his version of the music video surrounds the story of growing up to be an adult.

Proceeds of the track will go to ChildFund Korea. According to ChildFund Korea’s website, they build, “bright future by promoting the well-being of children.”

Are You a Grown Up” by Lim Kim was originally released on March 3rd where it stars a group of children. The song and music video tells the story about how people experience hard times as they grow into an adult, however, Lim Kim will always be there for her friends.


Source: ChildFund Korean