Jung Eun U covers Naul’s “You From the Same Time”

Last week, former Superstar K contestant, Jung Eun U, garnered attention for covering Zion T and Crush’s “Just.” This time, the singer amazes netizens once again with the hottest track of the month, Naul’s “You From the Same Time.”

Differing from the original track, Jung Eun U’s cover of the song imbues the charm of bossanova. The singer’s flawless guitar skills and clear voice have earned many netizens’ hearts once again.

Meanwhile, Naul’s track, “You From the Same Time,” ranks in first place on multiple charts such as iChart, Melon, Bugs, Naver, and more. Even though “You From the Same Time” was released on February 4th, the song unexpectedly returned to the top of multiple music charts.

Both covers can be found on the singer’s official Facebook page as well.

Check out her unique rendition below: