Jung Eun U performs acoustic cover of Geeks’s “You”

Solo singer and former Superstar K5 contestant Jung Eun U showed off her musical talents by performing an acoustic cover of hip-hop duo Geeks‘s “You.”

The singer, who was among the top 10 finalists on talent show Superstar K, not only sang the song and played the guitar for the cover, but also performed the rap, showing her multitude of musical talents. Showing impressive flow as well as a strong voice, the singer’s cover of “You” proved to be both refreshing and catchy.

Since her run on the talent show, Jung Eun U has continued to pursue her music career, and is currently signed with N Company Entertainment. To find out more about the singer, you can check out her official Facebook page!

Make sure to check out Jung Eun U’s splendid acoustic cover of Geeks’s “You” below!