Jung Jun Ha bursts into tears in JTBC’s “I’m Going To School”

Comedian Jung Jun Ha cried in front of the class in the latest episode of JTBC‘s I’m Going To School.

In the latest episode of JTBC‘s I’m Going To School, which aired on January 10th, comedian Jung Jun Ha and his classmates had some quality time to write letters to themselves 30 years in the future. After that, they stood up in front of the class and shared the letter with the other classmates.

When it was his turn, Jung Jun Ha started the letter saying, “Time flew so fast and it’s already been 30 years. I passed middle age and now I am looking back in my old age. Most of all, I am very happy that my family is still next to me safe and sound.”

“When I was 43 years old, for the first time…” At that moment he paused and could not continue reading. The comedian felt so emotional that his voice faltered. Both Jung Jun Ha and his classmates were embarrassed by the unexpected situation.

“My lovely wife Nemo. 32 years ago, you chose me and left your family in order to be with me. Whenever I think about you, I still…” He again could not get the words out properly and apologized to his classmates and the teacher. After having an emotional storm, he finally finished the rest of the letter to his wife.

Jung Jun Ha

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Source: NewsEn