Jung Mo and Hoon release acoustic guitar cover of Red Velvet’s “Happiness”

With Red Velvet’s new album Ice Cream Cake set to be released and the music video for the title track already unveiled, fellow SM Entertainment label-mate Jung Mo teamed up with Hoon to produce an acoustic guitar cover of “Happiness.”

Directed by Shindong, the cover of Red Velvet’s debut track also marks the first video uploaded on Jung Mo’s YouTube channel. Truly talented on the guitar, the TRAX band member teamed up with guitarist Hoon Jeon to produce the beautiful cover.

Fans noted that although the duo performed the song very well, it did give off a different feel than the original song. The duo definitely showed great musical chemistry, leading fans to suggest the duo create more song covers. Despite the simplicity of the performance, Shindong also added his own creativity to the video, adding cuts and zooms that highlighted the artists’ skills with their guitars.

Make sure to check out the unique twist Jung Mo and Hoon put on Red Velvet’s debut song with their acoustic guitar cover below!