Jung Sisters Lose Their Minds In Hilarious Short Video

K-pop celebrity Jung Sisters Jessica and Krystal got together again for some fun times!

Enjoying a relaxing evening with good companion every weekend is what many would long for after a long week at work or at school  — especially those who have just finished their final exams.

The younger sibling Krystal managed to capture a segment of the sisters’ date by sharing a time-lapse video on Instagram on Saturday night, May 2nd. The short 8-second video showcased the dorky sides of the sisters, as they seemed to be having the most fun out of what seems like a head-banging challenge, seeing who can do more hair flips.

The fast-forwarded clip made it challenging to identify Jessica as the intensive hair flips covered most of her face, but the body physique was obviously hers and fortunately she was also tagged in the post.

Numerous commenters were elated to see the meeting of the two while some jokingly speculated if they were under the influence of alcohol. Although Jessica is still not following anybody on Instagram except BLANC & ECLARE‘s official account, Jessica still left a cute reply on the post, accrediting their high energy to having excessive sweets, “If you ate too much chocolate… it’s dangerous.”

Jessica's comment on Krystal's Instagram

The video also aroused much curiosity, making many wonder who might be the lucky one(s) who were also present with the sisters, as the video was obviously taken by a third person.