Jung Yonghwa completes #hashtag interview for 1theK

1theK has uploaded a new original video onto their official YouTube channel, this time featuring CN Blue‘s Jung Yonghwa, who recently released his first solo album, “One Fine Day.”

His first hashtag was #One_Fine_Day. He revealed that he put a lot of thought into the album’s title, as there were many good candidates. He also expressed that he prepared for this solo album for a long time, so he was unsure if it would become a regular album or a mini-album. All ten of the songs in the album are written by Jung Yonghwa himself. Additionally, he arranged eight of the songs. His second hashtag of the interview was #Energy. He explained that he did a lot of collaborations and received energy from those he worked with on the album as well as others. Yong Hwa also told the story of how he came to work with some of the artists that helped him on the album and what it was like.

For each hashtag interview on 1theK, fans are able to send in questions. The first question Yonghwa answered was about his “Mileage” music video. The next question was, “When you let the other members hear your songs, what bothers you the most?” Yonghwa then responded with, “Jung Shin. He bothers me the most. When I wrote ‘Can’t Stop,’ Minhyuk was said, ‘Wow~ Amazing,’ and Jong Hyun was like, ‘Hmm~ I like it!’ Jung Shin was like, ‘Isn’t this too weak?’ But Jung Shin has that sense if the song is going to appeal to the public or not. To be honest, I like when people compliment me on my songs. But Jung Shin is like, ‘I think this is better than that in this part.’ That’s what Jung Shin does for me. So whenever I let him hear my songs, I get nervous. Thank you, Jung Shin. Are you watching?”

He was then asked about his acting before revealing his third hashtag, #Independence. Yonghwa revealed that he moved out away from the members, but misses them, even though he was the last one to move out. Yonghwa’s fourth hashtag was #5th_Anniversary. CN Blue celebrated their fifth anniversary on January 14, 2015. He finished the interview by saying that both himself and CN Blue will work harder with passion in the future!

Check out Yonghwa’s full hashtag interview below! You don’t want to miss it!

Source: 1theK’s Official YouTube Channel