Junggigo makes soulful comeback with “247” ft. Zion.T, Crush, and DEAN

On October 27th, Junggigo made a long-awaited comeback with the release of the soulful track “247.”

The song features a handful of artists as well, borrowing the talents of Zion.T, Crush, and DEAN. The black and white music video sets up the mood of the song through a mellow instrumental beginning. The lyrics share the distressed feelings of time passing by quickly and being busy.

While Junggigo has often featured in the tracks of others as the second lead, “247” shows him in the limelight as fans can enjoy his smooth, groovy vocals.

This  release comes after a break of one year and five months, teasing fans for his upcoming album. “247” is a neo-soul track made and produced by Kush and Peejay, perfectly complementing the groovy tone of the various artists.

Check out the lovely song below: