Jungkook of BTS reveals expressive cover of Crush’s “Sofa”

On December 16th, Jungkook of BTS revealed an expressive cover of Crush‘s latest hit, “Sofa” for fans to enjoy. Although the video comes with no imagery, Jungkook’s mature and soothing vocals are enough to paint a heart-wrenching story for listeners.

Released through the group’s “BANGTANTV” channel, the video showcases the idol’s talents through this soulful R&B cover. The flexibility of his voice and range go well with this track. When supported by the mellow piano, the song falls to a whisper to match the dynamic. At other points, the strings climax to high notes and Jungkook’s steady tone follows. Filled with clean vibratos and fluid harmonies, the track has received much praise from fans to whom this was given as a lullaby

In related news, BTS will be guest starring at Homme‘s upcoming concert along with SISTAR. Additionally, the boys will be releasing their first Japanese album, Wake Up, later this month.

Check it out here:

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