Junsu (XIA) releases “Flower” performance from “2015 XIA 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL ‘FLOWER’”

Following his comeback with the song “Flower,” JYJ‘s Junsu gifted fans with a video performance of “Flower” from his 2015 XIA 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL ‘FLOWER’.

After making his comeback and appearing on KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core music charts, Junsu promised fans a special video performance. On March 21st, Junsu revealed the promised gift, and shared a 5 minute performance video to his title track “Flower” from his concert in Seoul. The performance featured an appearance from Epik High‘s Tablo who also rapped in Junsu’s song “Flower.”

During the video, a sea of fans can be seen filling the stadium where his concert was held, and cheering Junsu on. Throughout the performance Junsu dances perfectly in sync with the rest of the dancers while showcasing his powerful vocals on stage. Later in the song, Tablo is seen entering another stage platform when it comes to his rap part, adding more excitement to the performance.

Junsu also previously took part in 1theK‘s #Hashtag interview, where he talked more about his solo album Flower.

Watch his performance below!