JYJ’s Junsu releases mind-blowing and exquisite MV for “Flower” ft. Epik High’s Tablo

JYJ‘s Kim Junsu made a return on March 3rd under his stage name XIA with the song “Flower” featuring Epik High‘s Tablo for his third solo album of the same name.

The music video for “Flower” is very artistic and powerful as it explores a different world where Junsu reigns as the leader. A group of warriors throw a golden cyborg head at Junsu’s feet as they boldly enter a spacious room, which he later melts and drinks as a cup of tea.

The song itself was written by Junsu and Taewan, and has a hip hop beat accompanied by classical string instruments. Featured on the track are Jung Sunah‘s vocals as well as Tablo’s incredible rapping which help to fulfill the song and make it an incredible track.

“Flower” comes off of Junsu’s third album of the same name. This is his first album release since his album INCREDIBLE  in 2013.

Check out the music video for “Flower” below: