[★VIDEO] J.Y. Park celebrates Christmas with the cast of “Roommate” on the next episode

As SBS’s Roommate continues to bring special guests onto the show, JYP Entertainment’s CEO, J.Y. Park (Park Jin Young) is the next guest to appear on the hit variety show.

On December 13th, SBS Roommate’s official Twitter stated, “On a journey to find our soul. The half air, half sound soulful carol taught by JYP himself! I don’t even recognize the songs anymore! Next Tuesday at 11:15 PM check out the Christmas party with JYP.”

Attached to the tweet was an adorable photo of J.Y.Park and cast members Seo Kang Joon, GOT7’s Jackson, and comedians Lee Guk Joo and Jo Seho.

In addition, the teaser for the Christmas special was released on December 13th, which showcases the cast of Roommate in the JYP Entertainment building, getting music lessons from the talented procuder.

The teaser also revealed that the cast of Roommate and J.Y. Park held an exciting Christmas party, as they were shown in matching red and white Christmas themed outfits.

Source: MBN