These K-Celebrities have the most kissable lips according to fans

Another survey, another shocking revelation! Netizens decipher the best male and female celebrities with the most kissable lips on a latest survey. 

A total of 456 single netizens, 223 of which are men and 233 women, answered a survey with the most kissable lips and the results are quiet astonishing.

Straight on top of the list as the most desirable lips is Ryu Jun Yeol, known for his role Socialphobia and just recently, Reply 1988. Joining him on the top rankings are Simon D, Teen Top’s Niel and Sung Hoon. 

Simon D



Amongst the female celebrities, actress Seo Hyun Jin, from the drama Another Miss Oh and series Let’s Eat 2, was unexpectedly hailed with the most kissable lips. Following her on the top list are Kim Min Hee, Lee Sung Kyung and Oh Yeon Seo. 


Image: YG-Stage


Source: XSportsNews