K-MUCH releases MV for “December 24” ft. former Hello Venus’ Yoo Ara

After the long wait, K-MUCH has finally returned with their pre-released single “December 24” on February 17th.

A few days ago, K-MUCH revealed their teaser video for “December 24” with their member Kiu and Hello Venus’ former member Yoo Ara. After a one year wait, the boys have come back with a new track and a fresh new sound.

As opposed to their song, “Good to Go,” which consisted of an upbeat tune, “December 24” is much smoother and softer. Through “December 24,” the members’ strong vocals allow fans to hear the sincerity in their voices.

Paired with their new sound, K-MUCH also opts for a classy style of clothing as well as a new scenery. Yoo Ara, on the other hand, features in the music video as the girl who is going through a tough relationship.

Check out their music video below: