K-MUCH releases MV teaser for “Fish in a Bowl”

K-MUCH prepares for their comeback with a teaser for their upcoming music video, “Fish in a Bowl” released on February 27th.

After revealing their pre-release single, “December 24th” on February 17th, K-MUCH now shares the teaser for their upcoming track, “Fish in a Bowl.” Taking place on the same set, the follow up release of “Fish in a Bowl” conveys the original story in another light.

Opening up with soft and sweet vocals, fans are faced with a familiar scene that was shown in “December 24th” of a girl, played by Hello Venus past member, Yoo Ara, wandering around in a room. However, this teaser also presents Yoo Ara putting down a small fish bowl with a single fish inside.

The music video for “Fish in a Bowl” will  be released on March 6th.

Check out the teaser here: