K-MUCH reveals MV teaser for “December 24” ft. Yoo Ara

On February 15th, K-MUCH revealed the video teaser for their upcoming music video, “December 24.”

After a year’s wait, K-MUCH is finally making their highly anticipated comeback. Their last music video, “Good to Go” was released back in January of 2014, and fans have been waiting patiently for their comeback ever since.

K-MUCH released a teaser for their upcoming music video, “December 24” which includes the main characters played by Kiu while featuring previous Hello Venus member Yoo Ara. The track will be a pre-release ahead of their full comeback.

In the video, the two singers play a couple that is going through a hard time. The video shows a furious Kiu who walks out and slams the door. Meanwhile, Yoo Ara is seen sitting inside crying while writing a letter. She is heard saying, “I love you,” before the scene fades out.

K-MUCH’s emotional music video, “December 24” will be released on February 17th. In the meantime, the boys have also shared chic and modern concept photos.

Check out the music video teaser here:


Source: Star MT