K-Pop Fans Choose The Best Guest Vocalists Of Amber’s “Shake That Brass” Live Performances

When f(x)‘s Amber made her solo debut with “Shake That Brass,” the song included an incredibly popular part featuring Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon

And during her music show performances, Amber invited several popular vocalists, including Red Velvet‘s WendyLovelyz‘s Kei, solo singer Ailee and her own group member Luna to perform Taeyeon’s line and show off their vocals. After watching a video compiling all the singers’ performances with Amber, however, fans on Instiz discussed who sang the line the best.

While the fans couldn’t come to a consensus on which vocalist had the most amazing performances, you can listen to all their performances and decide yourself:

Source: Instiz

Check out the full music video for Amber’s “Shake That Brass” below: