K-Pop Fans Mock Rookie Girl-Group DIA For Their “Terrible” MR-Removed Video Of “Somehow”

Only just a few weeks into their promotions, DIA got mixed reviews after a MR removed video of their live performance resurfaced online. 

A post on Pann pointed out a recent performance of DIA for “Somehow” and noticed that the members failed to sing during their stage at all. Despite being defended by their fans for their difficult choreography, netizens continued to criticise the group for their poor vocal skills as the video continued to circulate online.

Other netizens dubbed it worse than the MR removed version of Hara’s performance as criticisms for the group’s inability to perform live flooded the original post. Netizens also criticised MBK Entertainment for their consistent choice of artists who seems to fail at live performances.

Meanwhile, DIA recently returned to the limelight with a change in line-up as they started promotions for their latest mini-album, Happy Ending.

Source: Pann