[★FEATURE] K-Pop Idols First Tweets: 2PM, A Pink, and VIXX – Week 4

Week four of K-Pop Idols’ First Tweets is back! Last week we featured the first Twitter posts of the BTOB, miss A, and Infinite members. Today we bring you a list of new tweets by the members of 2PM, A Pink, and VIXX. Let’s take a walk down memory lane!2PM

1. Nichkhun on March 5, 2010

Hahaha, it’s so funny and cute how confused Khun is! How many of you remember when he first opened up his account? Were you one of the followers who helped him out like he asked?

2. Jun.K on May 6, 2010

Word up, Min Jun! We were so excited to see you join Khun on this Twitter journey!!

3. Taecyeon on June 10, 2010

Loving how the first three 2PM members to join Twitter have all begun their first tweets in English! It’s okay, Taec! You’re now a master at Twitter!!

4. Junho on June 17, 2010

▶ Translation: “The world already knows. Now’s the time to just show them!

Do you remember or know what Junho was referring to at the time? Hmm…

5. Chansung on July 10, 2010

Kekeke. Now, we can’t be certain whether or not this is Chansung’s actual first tweet due to some fans claiming that this may not be his first, however, this is the earliest traceable tweet. Chansung, we all love men! And women! World peace!

6. Wooyoung on April 27, 2011

▶ Translation: “I love you!! ^0^

Looks like Wooyoung went to hang out with his close friends three days before his birthday on April 30th! Look how happy and adorable he and his friends look in the photo!



A Pink

1. Ha Yeong on February 20, 2011

▶ Translation: “I introduce to you A Pink’s third member, the cute and youngest member, Oh Hayeong! Please look forward to all the other members who will be revealed!

We are sorry to say that the Yfrog url link provided in A CUBE‘s tweet, which is what Ha Yeong retweeted as her very first post, is no longer a working link. 🙁

2. Namju on February 23, 2011

▶ Translation: I made one.

So short and simple, I love it. It’s funny to see how K-pop stars can tweet such simple things for the first time and their fans will be able to find them instantly!

3. Eunji on March 10, 2011

▶ Translation: “Hello, this is Apink’s main vocal Jung Eungji hehe. I will work hard!! All my Apink members!! Love you I do♥”

We can definitely see that Eunji has been keeping her promise by working hard to keep A Pink’s fans happy. We love you too, Eunji!!

4. Na Eun on March 10, 2011

▶ Translation: “Hello, this is Apink’s main vocal Jung Eungji hehe. I will work hard!! All my Apink members!! Love you I do♥”

Na Eun’s very first tweet was a retweet of Eunji’s very first tweet! I guess Na Eun just wanted to say that same thing about working very hard and how she loves her A Pink members!!^^

5. Bomi on April 13, 2011


▶ Translation: “Apink teaser open~!!! Free/clean (?) young ladies~ Please give lots of love~!!

Bomi’s very first tweet was, again, one of Eunji’s tweets about how their group’s teaser was finally being released!! How exciting!

6. Chorong on March 30, 2014

▶ Translation: “[#APINK] #Apink Right now on MelOn, Apink’s music video making clip and behind the scenes photos have been released +_+) Stream and click at the same time! #MisterChu #Mr_Chu http://www.melon.com/cds/musicstory/web/musicstory_list.htm?CATEGORY_SINGLE_ID=21&MESSAGE_ID=9512274&MAIN=MAIN_TODAY_TD_2

Kekeke, Chorong’s first tweet was a retweet of A Pink’s official Twitter account~



1. Hongbin on March 23, 2012

Vixx Hongbin - MyDOL
Vixx Hongbin – MyDOL

▶ Translation: “Everyone:) Tomorrow at 1PM at Myeong-dong, N Hyung, Daewon hyung, Byung Jun hyung, Yoonchul, and I will be holding a free hug event~~ We hope many of you will show up and please tell others about it as well, okay??? 🙂 Please come~~~ See you tomorrow 🙂

Oh my goodness, if I had seen this tweet as a fan when Hongbin first posted this, I would have been so excited (if I lived in Seoul, hehe)! Look how handsome he is!

2. Hyuk on March 23, 2012

▶ Translation: “Hello^^ This is MyDOL’s maknae, Sanghyuk! For our MyDOL Angels, I along with N hyung, Daewon hyung, Byung Jun hyung, and Hongbin hyung will be doing a Free Hug event! Please come and gather around in Myeong-dong at 1PM today! You’ll regret it if you don’t come~ keke

Don’t you just wish you lived in Seoul to be able to attend all these awesome events? I’d love to give Hyuk a big bear hug!!! 🙂

3. Ken on March 23, 2012


▶ Translation: “MyDOL Angels! This is Jae Hwan~ On Saturday March 24th at 5PM, you will have a special chance to see us film MyDOL! Come on over to Hongdae! You’ll be able to see dancing~ and other fun events as well, so make sure to show up! Angels~ I love you~^^*

It’s always interesting to see the tweets K-pop idols made before they officially debuted. Seeing all these tweets by VIXX members while they were still known as MyDOL is so nostalgic!

4. N on March 23, 2012

▶ Translation: “Everyone~~~ Tomorrow at 1:00PM in Myeong-dong, Daewon, Byungjoon, Hongbin, Sanghyuk, and I will be showing up!!! There will be a free hug event >_< so please come out~ See you tomorrow at Myeong-dong!”

Though most of VIXX’s tweets are similar in subject, it’s so nice seeing all these pre-debut pictures of them! They’re so young and attractive~^^

5. Ravi on March 23, 2012

Vixx Ravi - MyDOL
Vixx Ravi – MyDOL

▶ Translation: “March 24th! Saturday! Which is tomorrow! At 5PM! MyDOL will be at Hongdae! Taecwoon hyung, Nakhoon hyung, Jae Hwan hyung, Yoonchul and I will all be there! Let’s all go together!

Why can’t we all live in Seoul? It’d be so nice to have these free events to interact with our favorite K-pop idols in person globally!


At least we still have Twitter to interact with our bias K-Pop artists! Until next time, enjoy! See you with another batch next week!