“K-Pop Star” crowns its 5th season winner: Lee Soo Jung

The season winner for K-Pop Star 5 has been determined and crowned!

The finale was broadcast on April 11th where contestant Lee Soo Jung was crowned the winner. The runner-up was An Ye Eun.

Lee Soo Jung said, “Thank you so much,” and relayed her gratitude to the staff of the show as well. Though she did not win the ultimate prize, An Ye Eun stated, “I’m just thankful for being able to stand here. I’m glad I got to meet and make a lot of good friends.”

In the first round, An Ye Eun sang the song “말을 해 봐” while Lee Soo Jung sang “The Letter.”

An Ye Eun — JYP 92 points / YG 95 points / Antenna Music 97 points = Total 284 points
Lee Soo Jung —  JYP 92 points / YG 92 points / Antenna Music 93 points = Total 277 points

In the second round, An Ye Eun took on Stevie Wonder‘s “Part Time Lover,” while Lee Soo Jung performed “Same Day, Same Night.”

An Ye Eun — JYP 98 points / YG 100 points / Antenna Music 98 points = Total 296 points
Lee Soo Jung —  JYP 100 points / YG 100 points / Antenna Music 100points = Total 300 points

The winner was based on 60% judge voting and 40% viewing votes.

Judge Votes based on points given:
An Ye Eun — Total 580 points
Lee Soo Jung —  Total 577 points

Congratulations to Lee Soo Jung! She will be joining Antenna Music (Yoo Hee Yeol) for her debut promotions!

Source: My Daily