K.Will will have you longing for more in comeback MV, “Growing”

After releasing an emotional video teaser for “Growing,” ballad singer-songwriter K.Will finally released the music video for the track. 

With his incredible range and vocal ability, the Starship Entertainment singer is able to convey the the strong emotions in the track. Starting slowly but reaching a powerful climax, the singer is able to portray the chaotic story of the song perfectly, creating a beautiful track.

Following a tragic relationship between two former lovers, the music video lets viewers take a look at the couple and their inevitable fallout, which is seen through the eyes of the male character. Epitomized by cherry blossoms and an orchestra playing in the background, the male character’s realization that he has lost the love of his life invokes feelings complemented by K.Will’s vocals.

Tragic but beautiful, the music video for K.Will’s “Growing” is definitely worth watching.

Meanwhile, K.Will recently renewed his contract with Starship Entertainment, continuing his relationship with the agency he debuted uner.