Kahi spills tears on JTBC’s “Refrigerator, Please”

Kahi, former After School leader and current musical actress, spills tears mid-recording for JTBC‘s Refrigerator, Please.

Recently, Kahi and her closest friend and actress So Yoo Jin finished filming for the talk show Refrigerator, Please. When the MCs of the show, Jung Hyung Don and Kim Sung Joo asked how close their friendship was, Kahi could not hide her tears.

The former idol star mentioned, “I had a very difficult time after graduating from After School. It suddenly reminded me of what Yoo Jin told me then,” as her tears fell.

As So Yoo Jin too spilled tears remembering Kahi’s hardship, the MCs were a little taken aback for not being more cautious of the question they asked.

Check out the episode airing on January 26th (KST) for the full story of the diva’s hardship after graduating from After School.

Source: Newsen