KakaoTalk Launches K-Pop Fan Chats (Win Exclusive Autographed Items)

The hardest part about being a K-Pop fan is finding others to fangirl or fanboy with.. well, your favorite messaging app KakaoTalk is here to change that!!

KakaoTalk has launched an exciting new feature for K-Pop fans, along with Koreaboo as a partner, allowing for users to chat with each other in K-POP IDOL FAN GROUP chats!!

Want to connect with other Hallyu fans and join in the Fan Chat? Here’s how:

  1. Add Koreaboo as a Plus Friend by clicking here. (mobile only).
  2. You’ll receive a message from Koreaboo with an invite request to the Fan Chat – open until July 17th. Just tap the link to start.
  3. Answer some simple questions and you’ll be invited to chatrooms that include:
    • Fans who love your favorite artist as much as you do!
    • GOT7, Block B – whoever you love, meet fans near you who love them too!
    • Attending KCON LA? KakaoTalk will also invite you to chatrooms with similar fans in your seating section in LA!
    • Completing the form will also give users a chance to win Kakao Friends emoticons (for a limited time).

KakaoTalk group chatrooms that stay active until KCON LAJuly 31st through August 2nd – will be eligible to win cheering tools like slogan banners for the fandom/artist they support!

So what are you waiting for? Add us today!

Add Koreaboo before July 31st and you’ll receive a message on how to win AWESOME ITEMS, including autographed goods, idol items, KakaoTalk merchandise and more! Stay tuned~ ♥♥