For Kang Daniel’s First Win, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Made This Sweet Little Gesture

And it’s making the fans go aww.

When Kang Daniel took home his first win on Music Bank on August 9, 2019, it was an emotional moment for the fans. Kang Daniel wasn’t physically there to indulge himself in his accomplishment, but his fans celebrated nonetheless – and while doing so, they spotted SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi celebrating with them!


After Kang Daniel was announced as the winner, the camera tried to capture all the groups on stage as there wasn’t an encore stage being performed. In doing so, it spotted SEVENTEEN members grooving out to “What Are You Up To” and Woozi also noticed the camera.


So Woozi, being a good friend, shot a secret message straight at the camera for Kang Daniel to see later!


— Woozi


Kang Daniel fans deeply appreciated Woozi’s thoughtful gesture! But this isn’t the first time Woozi and Kang Daniel were UWU together.Though unverified, Kang Daniel and Woozi are said to have become friends through the introduction of NU’EST‘s Minhyun. Since then, they’ve always been the “Big Cutie” and “Smol Cutie” combo:


Both Kang Daniel and SEVENTEEN fans can’t help but hope for more interactions between these two awesome pals!


Watch the full clip here: