Kang Ha Neul thanks managers for rising success and gifts them with bonus pay

Rising actor Kang Ha Neul has thanked his managers for all of his continuously increasing popularity and success, and has been reported to have given them a large sum of bonus pay as a means of saying thank you.

After the December 20th finale of tvN drama Misaeng, one of the most recently popular dramas in South Korea, Kang Ha Neul was reported to have shared quite a sum of money to his five managers as a bonus pay.

A representative of the actor shared with the media that, “Kang Ha Neul presented every single one of his managers individually [with the gift] as he thanked them for the success he was achieving by saying, ‘I made it this far all thanks to your hard work.’ To be honest, there aren’t many celebrities who care for the people around them after they’ve become so successful. A lot of actors and actresses who receive so many compliments from the people around them at work tend to focus solely on their own efforts and think that it was all their own success, but Kang Ha Neul did the exact opposite and put all the success on his managers’ efforts and hard work.

It is said that the bonus sum the actor gave to his managers equaled well over $1,000 USD each.

Not only is Kang Ha Neul known for this act of kindness, but he is also known for being genuinely loyal to all his acquaintances, staff, and friends. The actor, despite his busy schedules, always makes sure to attend important premieres and events that his co-stars are involved in and never misses out on occasions such as weddings and birthdays of his close staff.

Many netizens who have heard of Kang Ha Neul’s humbleness, sweet personality, and genuine qualities have begun to show endless love and support for the actor, leaving encouraging comments such as, “I love his acting, but now I love him even more!” “He’s handsome, great at acting, and now we find out he’s even got a perfect personality,” and, “He’s going to make it big! I hope he never forgets the importance of his career and continues to be the great person he is today.

Source: OSEN