KARA releases dance practice video for “CUPID”

After KARA released their comeback track “CUPID,” the four-member group released the dance practice video for “CUPID” on June 3rd. 

The members revealed their cute and sexy appeal as they showcased viewers a behind-the-scenes performance of the dance routine as well as gave fans a glimpse of their dance practice routine. KARA was seen in causal clothing, however, their choreography shined through as the track went hand to hand with the choreography.

KARA released “CUPID” as well as their latest mini-album In Love on May 26th. In addition, their hit track is produced by Choi Hyun Joon and Jung Ho Hyun.

Meanwhile, during their showcase on May 26th, it was revealed that member Goo Hara will be making a solo debut this summer. Goo Hara revealed that her solo debut will include a vibrant stage, similar to KARA’s “Step,” and “Mister.”