KARA’s Han Seungyeon reveals that she would date any man

Amidst their comeback promotions, KARA recently made a special appearance on Weekly Idol, where one member shared her surprising current outlook on dating.

On the June 10th episode of the MBC show Weekly Idol, host Jung Hyung Don tried to pry information out of the four members of KARA about their current love life. Member Han Seungyeon had the most surprising answer when she honestly revealed that instead of having a strict ideal type, like many other celebrities, she would be perfectly fine dating any man!

Her exact comment was, “I’m not that popular with the boys,” and although Jung Hyung Don showed his disbelief and insisted that she had to have at least some kind of an ideal type, Seungyeon responded with, “As long as it’s a man,” drawing laughter.

To promote KARA’s recent comeback with “CUPID,” member Seungyeon also made an appearance on the MBC radio show Kim Shin Young’s Song Requests at Noon, however, she was criticized for her hypocritical comments regarding the outfits of girl groups.

Netizens who watched the recent episode of Weekly Idol expressed their feelings of disbelief that Seungyeon would date any man as well as showed their support for the episode.

[+ 6030, – 160] That what Suzy, Yoona and Lee Na Young all said..

[+ 4540, – 277] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Donny and his adlibs

[+ 3761, – 359] Kara used to be amazing back in the day

Source: OSEN