Key and BamBam join Red Velvet during encore stage following win on M! Countdown

On the latest episode of Mnet‘s M! Countdown, Red Velvet continued their wining streak with a fifth music show trophy for their hit track “Ice Cream Cake.”

The girls won over their current competitor, Baek Ji Young and Song Yu Bin, with 8,069 points over 6,212 points, bringing home their first M! Countdown trophy. The Red Velvet members were able to take turns and give their thanks — including Joy, whose thank you speeches always seemed to get cut off during the last four wins — before their encore began following the four MCs’ goodbyes to viewers.

Giving their deepest thanks to fans and bowing to fans all the way from the ground, Red Velvet began their encore performance. Red Velvet’s senior and SM Entertainment agency peer Key of SHINee joined them momentarily on the stage to show off his dance moves, dancing to the choreography of “Ice Cream Cake” with all smiles before leaving them the stage.

BamBam showed his support for the girls as well as he started learning the moves as the encore performance went on, laughing together with Key as they continued to dance on the side stage.

Congratulations to Red Velvet!