Kia Tigers Attempt Craziest Baseball Shift Of All Time And Fail

In the world of sports, Korea made headlines for something totally unexpected! In a recent baseball game between the Kia Tigers and the kt Wiz, one team tried to come out ahead by using an interesting shift in their defensive formation.

In the top of the 9th inning, Kia Tigers’ Manager Kim Ki Tae called a defensive play where the 3rd baseman, Lee Beom Ho, left his usual position by 3rd base and stood behind the catcher. Once he was there, both the umpire and the kt Wiz batter looked confused at this major shift in the Kia Tigers’ defensive formation.

Third baseman Lee Beom Ho was told by Manager Kim Ki Tae to stand behind the catcher in case their was a wild pitch thrown by the Kia Tigers’ pitcher, in fear that the kt Wiz would use the opportunity to score and end up winning the game. The umpire called off the defensive formation and explained that all of the players must be within the lines during play.

Third baseman Lee Beom Ho then took a walk back to his normal spot next to third base. Nonetheless, the attempted defensive play made headlines in both Korea and around the world.

Check out the video of the play below, where the third baseman can be seen shifted all the way over behind the catcher before he is forced to take a walk back to his normal spot. Nice try!

Source: Bleacher Report, @MyKBO, SPOTV YouTube Channel,, Sports Hankooki, and Ilgan Sports