Kim Bum Soo returns with MV for “Home Meal” ft. Geeks

On November 21st, “King of Ballad” Kim Bum Soo, unveiled the music video for “Home Meal” featuring Geeks.“Home Meal” is the title track from Kim Bum Soo’s 8th album HIM which is a play on the Korean word for power. This album was created to celebrate his 15th anniversary and through it he hopes to bring power and joy to those who are in pain.

The title track is a folk style song that speaks about missing family dinner time and home cooked meals as the youth are consumed with work. It conveys the feelings of forgetting to show appreciation and love to your family whom you only realize you miss after you’re away from them. The music video shows various people eating junk food or eating out and then interchangebly displays homemade Korean food.

The album HIM was also released on the 21st, displaying 12 tracks and featuring popular artists such as G.NA, Swings, Lydia Paek, and Loco to name a few.

You can take a look at Kim Bum Soo’s “Home Meal” music video below: