Kim Jang Hoon says “I’ll Survive” in MV with cameos by Super Junior, Girl’s Day and more

Kim Jang Hoon has unveiled his newest song titled “I’ll Survive” on November 18th, and it is a gift to his fans in an aim to show his appreciation. “I’ll Survive” is a sad ballad track that sings of hope, with the music video portraying Kim Jang Hoon continuously jogging with someone by his side, showing his strength in overcoming anything.

Many popular Korean entertainers have taken the time to make a short cameo appearance in Kim Jang Hoon’s music video including Girl’s Day‘s Minah, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and Kangin, Sung Si Kyung, Kim Bo Sung, Lee Kyu Hyuk, and Crayon Pop, as well as other lawyer Jun Won Tchack, Professor Chin Jung Kwon of Dong Yang University, Speed Skating champion Lee Kyou Hyuk, 1996 Atlanta Olympic Marathon Silver medalist Lee Bong Ju, and more.

Source: The Fact