[★VIDEO] Kim Jong Kook shares various exercising positions on JTBC’s “Everybody”

Kim Jong Kook is known as one o the best fit entertainers in the Korean industry, and on a recent episode of JTBC’s Everybody, shared some tips with viewers.

The “2014 Health Trend BIG 4” episode aired on December 25th, and featured a heated topic on the latest health trends of the year. One of the first trends that was discussed was “fasting and exercise.” Kim Jong Kook then shared a fast-paced and high-intensity workout anyone can do at home, easily done with just your socks on.

With back arched up, hands on the ground, and chase faced down, slide your feet back and forth as if you were running in place. Called “Surface Sock Running,” repeat for eight sets running 20-seconds long each.

The second exercise Kim Jong Kook shared is nicknamed “Surface Sock Sit-ups.” Laying down flat on your back, use the slidding abilities of your socks against the hard ground to arch your back upwards with knees bent up. Repeat 10 times.

Check out the video below for Kim Jong Kook’s short examples below!

Source: TV Report

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