Kim Joo Hyuk reflects on the “Quit Smoking Project” on “1 Night 2 Days”

There is an old saying that goes along the lines of “There is never a better time to quit than now,” and the cast of KBS 1 Night 2 Days are certainly no strangers to this supposed motivator, as can be seen on the demanding smoking ban journey they partook in earlier this year.

The December 7th broadcast of 1 Night 2 Days marked the one year anniversary of Season 3 of the popular show. Reflecting on the show, actor Kim Joo Hyuk shared, “The most tiring part was the smoking ban. Because the withdrawal symptoms were so severe, I lost all will and desire to continue filming. That is why I smoked secretly. Thanks to that, I was able to successfully complete the shoot.

The smoking ban that Kim Joo Hyuk referred to was their 8th adventure, named the “Quit Smoking Project.” The aim of the journey was to give the members a push on their wish to quit smoking, especially due to the fact that five out of the six members were all heavy smokers. The members were to resist the temptation of secretly smoking, with the punishment for getting caught being a full body dunk in Korea’s chilling winter sea.

Out of the members, it was Kim Joo Hyuk who personally expressed quitting smoking as his New Year’s resolution, which then lead to the revelation that during his entire smoking era, the longest he had gone on without a smoke was a mere 14 hours, due to a plane ride. This caused him to suffer most terribly from withdrawal symptoms, which eventually overtook his desire to quit altogether.

The one year anniversary episode of 1 Night 2 Days garnered 16.9% viewer ratings nationwide, leaving behind positive sentiments and hopes for a long running season.

Source: Sports Donga