Kim Junsu performs as “Death Note’s” L in “The Game Begins” MV

C-JES Culture shares with fans a short preview of Kim Junsu singing for the Korean version of the Death Note musical.

Kim Junsu has been selected to play the hero-antagonist character L, who is a mysterious genius detective trying to solve the cases of sudden deaths occurring in a small concentrated region of the world.

The track Junsu sings is appropriately titled as “The Game Begins” as he proclaims to challenge the concealed force behind the mysterious deaths. The track itself is very dark with Junsu’s lower husky vocals layered over the slow-paced instrumentals.

Junsu and Death Note fans can fully enjoy the music video for “The Game Begins,” as Junsu has dark under-eye make up to replicate L’s dark eye circles, and the white set design reflects L’s abnormal thought process and nature. Junsu channels L’s character well as Junsu is successful in imitating L’s hunched stance, aimless gaze, odd coffee habits, and peculiar squat while analyzing data.

Death Note is originally a Japanese manga series about a high school student named Yagami Light who stumbles upon a “Death Note” that belongs to a death god. Whoever’s name is written in the notebook will face death and as Yagami Light, under a pseudonym, abuses this power to bring justice, Junsu’s character L is working to discover the unknown killer.

The Death Note musical is currently set to premiere on June 20th at the Seongnam Art Center Opera House.

Watch the music video here!