Kim Sungkyu holds successful Melon Premiere Showcase for solo comeback

INFINITE‘s leader Kim Sungkyu recently returned as a solo artist with the release of his second solo mini-album, 27.

Kim Sungkyu released two music videos for the album’s double title tracks, “Kontrol” and “The Answer,” which have been doing well on the charts. In addition, Sungkyu held a Melon Premiere Showcase to kick off his comeback promotions through 1theK. His solo comeback showcase was MC’d by none other than INFINITE’s Woohyun.

Wearing a navy blue suit and missing his signature eyeliner, Kim Sungkyu opened up his showcase with one of his title tracks, “The Answer.” Woohyun then appeared and Sungkyu talked how he felt really happy making a comeback after almost three years since his first solo album, Another Me, was released. He also expressed his wish for many people to enjoy “The Answer” very much.

In the special reporters interview section, Yoon Sang appeared as the special MC and Sungkyu discussed how fellow INFINITE member L acted in the music video for “60 Seconds,” the title track of his first solo mini-album. Sungkyu expressed his happiness about being able to act in both of the music videos for his current mini-album and talked about his collaboration track “Reply” with K-Pop Star‘s Park Yoon Ha.

The next song up was none other than “Reply,” which he performed on stage with Park Yoon Ha. Woohyun then returned to the stage, and to Sungkyu’s dismay, decided to ask him when his last kiss was. Sungkyu expertly replied in five syllables, “I don’t remember.” Woohyun then asked a series of questions which Sungkyu had to answer using five syllables as well.

To finish off the showcase, Sungkyu discussed his second title track, “Kontrol,” which was written by Nell’s Kim Jong Wan. He then expressed that he hopes that everyone shows his album a lot of love and concluded by performing “Kontrol.”

Check out Sungkyu’s entire Melon Premiere Showcase below!

Source: 1theK’s Official YouTube Channel