Kim Tae Bum releases “On Rainy Days” MV ft. Girl’s Day

On February 4th, Party Street’s Kim Tae Bum unveiled the full music video for his collaboration track with Girl’s Day Sojin.

As revealed earlierYura would be contributing her acting to the music video while Sojin would lend her vocals.

The music video opens with the light sound of rainfall, showing the two leads in natural, reminiscent lights as they sketch and compose music. However, both seem to be lost in other thoughts.

Kim Tae Bum’s soulful vocals enter in as the couple are seen walking outside in the cold rain. As the sky clears to show a bright sun, the couple seem to meet again under an awkward circumstance. With a painful flashback, the short walk in the park quickly becomes unpleasant.

“On Rainy Days” uses the two voices of Kim Tae Bum and Sojin to tell a tale of goodbyes and re-encounters from both the woman and man’s perspectives.

Check out the emotional music video here: