Kim Tae Woo talks about the creation and work behind “Lonely Funk” on #hashtag

Kim Tae Woo completed 1theK‘s #hashtag interview where he sat down to reveal his thought process and preparation for the track.

The old school influenced “Lonely Funk” music video was released on June 18th which captured the essence of the edgy funk track.

He revealed that funk was a concept that he had wanted to try for a long time and while many have him pinned for a ballad singer, the only ballad track he released as a solo artist was “Words I Want to Say” in 2009.

Kim Tae Woo also revealed that he found the finished track to be extremely catchy and had listened to it over 300 times. He even shared an anecdote about fellow g.o.d. member Danny Ahn and his role in the music video.

Watch the interview to hear more about the funny moments the two g.o.d. members shared on the set of the new music video.