Kim Yeon Woo unveils MV for “Melt Away”

After teasing fans on November 25th, just one day later Kim Yeon Woo released a lyrics music video to his digital single “Melt Away.”

Nicknamed the “god of vocalists,” Kim Yeon Woo has released this track as a special treat to fans for the upcoming holidays.

The lyrics video, like the teaser, is a series of images of frost and ice melting away. As the ice melts, the lyrics to Kim Yeon Woo’s song are revealed. The single is a ballad song which accentuates Kim Yeon Woo’s whispery and powerful voice. It hopes to warm the hearts of listener’s and anyone who hears it is sure to feel the singer’s emotions in the song.

Check out Kim Yeon Woo’s beautiful single, “Melt Away” below: