Kisum reveals “You & Me” MV teaser ft. Jooyoung

On July 20th, rapper Kisum dropped a music video teaser for her upcoming collaboration track with R&B vocalist Jooyoung.

Titled “You & Me,” the song seems to be an upbeat, sweet duet. The video depicts a lonely but cute cafe as a girl is shown waiting for someone. The scene comes to a close without revealing her face as she nervously bites her nails and turns to look out the window.

Kisum previously teased with a photo of herself and a mysterious man to get fans ready for the “K x J” collaboration. She took to her personal Instagram account to make the big reveal that the “J” is for vocalist Jooyoung.

“You & Me” is expected to be released on July 23rd.

Check out her photos and the music video teaser below:

Source: News 1