KIXS releases debut MV for “Beautiful” ft. San E and Goo Hara

After teasing fans with a short video featuring KARA’s Goo Hara, KIXS finally released his debut music video for “Beautiful.”

The fresh track highlights both the singer’s sweet vocals and playful style, as he sings and dances to the upbeat and light-hearted track throughout the video. The video is shot in a one-take style, which compliments the high energy of the DMTN member’s track. San E is a featured rapper on the track, and keeps the energy high with his rhythmic rap.

KARA’s Goo Hara stars as the female lead in the music video, showing off her beautiful features and feminine wiles. Hara appears in a couple of different ensembles in the video, appearing beautiful in each and every single one. But because of the length of her dresses in the video, however, the music video for “Beautiful” was hit with a 15+ rating.

KIXS’s “Beautiful” is a high-energy and playful track that is a perfect track for Valentine’s Day. Make sure to check out the full music video below: